Hi, I'm Arthur Valle, PhD. 

I'm selling my startup ideas. After 20+ years of a career in IT and Business, I realized that I cannot implement them due to other priorities (ex: my students). 

So, I am selling the best 50 of them for 5 dollars.

You will have access to 50 business ideas. For your convenience, you will also receive each idea by email, daily. 

Ideas are written as user stories, such as "As a <role>, I want to <activity> so I can get <benefit>". An example: "As an IT Professional, I want to buy online courses where I will learn IT practices by actually performing them by myself so I can improve my skills and employability". 

The description of ideas also contains why, how and what.

50 startup ideas for you to create your online startup

You will have access to 50 startup ideas. Ideas are written as user stories using the "as a 'role', I want to do 'activity' so I can get 'benefit'" format. Description of ideas also contains 'why', 'how' and 'what'.

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